Shoe Shine Box Transformation

Shoe Shine Box Transformation

A month before Father’s Day, a lady called us and wanted to know if we could repair and laser engrave her husband’s, father’s shoe shine box?
She brought the box to us and this is how it looked:
Being the excellent wood craftsman Ross is, he said, we sure can!!
So Ross gets busy making the shoe shine box look AMAZING.
Well, first it looks like he made a mess out of it!!!!
But, just like everything, it gets worse before it getting better.
I can hardly see the wood for all the clamps! 

After all the clamps are removed and the box is put back together, it is a shocking transformation!!

It looks beyond AMAZING!!!!

Can that be the same box?  WOW!!!

Yes it is!!!! WOW!!!

And finally, the last detail for finishing the transformation.

The custom laser engraving we did on the side!

Wood N Mirror Gifts Shoe Shine Transformation (22)Wood N Mirror Gifts Shoe Shine Transformation (21)

Now that is one Jaw-Dropping  Father’s Day Gift!


How to make a customer smile!

How to make a customer smile.
Customer, let’s call him Mr. Box.
Mr. Box came to us with a beautiful small wooden box he had made.
Wood N Mirror Gifts Custom Laser Engraved Box (1)
This is the side of the box, inside the laser, getting ready to be engraved.
He wanted a poem laser engraved on the side.  So here is what we did to Mr. Box’s box!!!
Watch our short video here!!!

Support Small Local Business 6 Short Reasons

Support Small Local Business 6 Short Reasons

1. Community Well -Being

   2. Local Decision-Making

        3.  Keeping Dollars in the Community

            4.  Know the owners

                5.  Better Customer Service

                    6.  Product Diversity